The Liberty Wharf Marina will open for the season on Memorial Day and will run through Labor Day with extended service depending on weather.  We look forward to you docking with us!


  • 10:30 AM to 11 PM

  • No vessel may dock after 10 PM

Rates, Amenities and Details

Liberty Wharf welcomes guests and their boats up to 40 feet, 7 days per week.  We are the perfect destination location for a great evening out at one of our 5 restaurants and offer flexible accommodations and competitive rates which all add up to the perfect outing!


We welcome guests for any length stay from 1-12 hours with the following rates and amenities:

  • Guest Rate; $25 hour for 1-5 Hours

  • 6-12 Hours; $200

  • We accept credit cards only past 9 PM, and Guests who do not return prior to 11 PM will  be charged $200 to cover unanticipated additional staffing

  • Water service is available and Ice can be purchased at J.Pace’s across Northern Avenue

  • Rates for Harbor and area events will be established the day of events

  • Liberty Wharf reserves the right to modify rates and/or amenities without notice

  • As a courtesy to other guests, no smoking, music, alcohol, diving, swimming, rubbish dispoal, or general nuisance is permitted on the docks or marina.

  • All charters must make prior arraignments with the dock manager. Only water taxis registered and insured with the marina will be allowed to utilize the transient dock.

Business Man’s (or Women’s!) Special

We are excited to announce special commuter rates offered Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for anyone who would like to avoid some road traffic at the beginning of the week! Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday The Marina at Liberty Wharf offers $50 all day dockage (in by 9 out by 6) for anyone working in the Seaport area or looking for a great value for weekday dockage.