In 2002, Cresset Group began working with the Doulos family and Massport on the vision for a unique waterfront development.  After years of planning, the demolition of Jimmy’s Harborside Restaurant began in May 2007 using barge based cranes to carefully clear the old structure.  In November 2008, the construction of Liberty Wharf commenced with the rebuilding the early 20th century sea wall, reusing its original granite blocks.

In December 2008, pile driving began.  Over 200 Piles were driven to support the acre of land that Liberty Wharf would occupy over Boston Harbor.  In August 2009, the platform construction began by laying massive concrete beams followed by the pouring of concrete slabs capable of supporting the weight of three new buildings.  In September 2009, steel I-beams were raised to form the skeletons of the East and West buildings.  By November 2009, the I-beam structures were finished and the building’s floors were being poured.

From December 2009 to June 2010 the building’s skin was applied, using energy-efficient materials and insulation.  Installation of the finish facades began in July 2010, utilizing sustainable exotic woods, glass curtain-walls, and aluminum and copper panels.  Construction of the docks surrounding the site also began at that time.  The tenants’ interior build-out continued though Liberty Wharf opening in May 2011.